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27 August


There is an amazing tradition of lightning bonfires along the coastline of the Baltic Sea in Estonia every last Saturday of August. The shore of the Baltic Sea, which unites all of us, is a link between our neighbours, fellow-countrymen and people from all around the Sea. We believe, that The Sea must be well-kept and protected in order for own sake and for the sake of our descendants. So let us support this beautiful tradition and show you, how fascinating it looks from the sea side! This is the opportunity you should not miss, cause this view is unforgettable!

► Time: 21:00 - 23:00/23.15 - 01.15
► Place: Port Noblessner, Tööstuse 48, Tallinn
► Yacht: Luxury Beneteau First 50, Bavaria 35, Beneteau 323
► Price: 30 € per person

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