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Our mission statement
ND Yacht Rent strives to be more than just a yacht charter brand – we are the first sailing experience for many, a reliable business partner, a role model for other yacht charter companies in the world and a company that seeks to be creative and unique in all aspects. We work to enrich people’s daily lives by arranging sailing charter holidays in Estonia and other interesting destinations around our beautiful globe. Our passion for sailing drives us to continuously improve our operations and enhance the experience for our customers.

Our vision statement
Our vision is to be the most recognizable and trusted yacht charter brand in the world.


Our journey Antigua - Tallinn started

Have you ever seen bioluminescent plankton? We have. Bioluminescent plankton are small organisms, which live in the water and due to chemical processes in their body produce glow around them when disturbed. This beautiful phenomenon is possible to observe in the ocean at night, while sailing through the Caribbean seas towards Bermuda.

Our 3 months long journey from Antigua to Tallinn tested our crew to the fullest. We survived a tropical lightning storm, a leaking ship, and an 8 level storm.


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