━ Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of 30% prepayment
━ 100% prepayment for catering
━ The remaining 70% is paid no later than 30 days before the yacht departures. Otherwise the yacht reservation is canceled.
━ Reservations made less than 30 days prior the planned departure has to be fully financially covered within 24 hours to uphold the reservation.


━ 100% refund, if the cancellation is made at least 30 days before your yacht trip
━ 50% refund, if the cancellation is made at least 15 days before your yacht trip
━ No refund, if the cancellation is made later than than 14 days before your trip

Good Weather Guarantee!

━ In case of a storm (wind is stable over 12m/s), booking refund is 100%
━ If case of rain, the date can be changed by mutual agreement

Important to know when you rent a sailing yacht or motor boat

  • The yacht and motor boats are rented out with a crew only.
  • Red wine is not allowed on board.
  • It is desirable to come 10-15 minutes before the yacht departure.
  • It is forbidden to go on board in dirty shoes, shoes with black soles and high heels. On board it is necessary to use shoes with a soft light sole.
  • The captain’s word - it's the law on board any yacht. You cannot ignore his instructions.
  • It is not recommended to bring pets.
  • If you want to bring children, please let us know in advance the number and weight so that we can in advance prepare special life jackets.
  • If you have sea sickness - it is advisable to take medicine a half an hour before departure of the yacht/motor boat.
  • Do not forget to use sunscreen in hot weather.
  • When you rent a yacht/motor boat - we have the ability to prepare catering for you. Please let us know at least 2 days before departure.
  • It is forbidden to throw garbage overboard - either in the harbor or in the open sea.
  • Our yachts are equipped with all necessary safety equipment.
  • Parking in port Noblessner is free for our customers!
  • Good mood on board is mandatory!

Good Weather Guarantee

In case of stormy weather (wind exceeding 12 m / s) or rain, the date can be changed by mutual agreement and subject to availability. If there is absolutely no possibility to change the date we refund you 70% of the paid amount. If you do not accept any of the available time, 70% of the paid amount is none refundable.