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The sea has no bad weather, and so don’t we!

Why is it forbidden to rent a boat directly from the owner?

⛔ Why is it forbidden to rent a boat directly from the owner?

When Nikita and I describe what we do, people often share their impressions and previous experiences in the sailing world. Unfortunately, very often this experience is negative. This story begins usually like this:⠀ ⠀

👎 “A couple of years ago we went to Naissaar island, the boat was very small and when we went out to sea it turned out that there was a very strong wind and waves covered us very strongly. We all got wet, feeling sick and it was really scary, so the sea is probably not my cup of tea ... ”⠀ ⠀

❓ Why is this happening?

💰 The thing is that keeping yachts in good condition is very expensive and requires a lot of human resources in terms of knowledge, time and effort. In this regard, many yacht owners are trying to earn money on charter activities attracting customers with low prices, to at least somehow offset the costs. But, usually for owners, sailing holidays are a hobby, not a main job, therefore, even if they are well-controlling the sails, they are usually completely unfamiliar with maintenance or the charter procedures with guests. If the lack of pleasant communication on board can be smoothed with humor, then the lack of proper maintenance is extremely dangerous. Such trips often lack the proper number of life jackets, not to mention the state of the engine, first-aid kit, the safe number of people on board, or the assessment of weather conditions. 🤷⠀

⠀ 👉 Therefore, if there is a possibility, you should always choose proven and large companies that provide security, quality and assurance. ⠀ ⠀

👍 Did you know that @North Dream Yacht has a Good Weather Guarantee in Tallinn, which allows you to choose any other date during the year in case of rain and a 100% refund in case of a storm?