What to see in Tallinn on a yacht?

We invite you to use our yacht rental service in Tallinn and enjoy the authentic Estonian capital in the incredible atmosphere of a sea voyage.

In just half a kilometer from the coast, you will see the picturesque Tallinn panorama that no tourist route are able to offer. The seaplane harbor, sea fortress, Pirita beach and the city embankment will be in full view, which is a unique opportunity for a first-class photo shoot right from the yacht.

During our sailing trip, you can have a lively conversation with your friends, learn the city secrets and learn the basics of sailing, or even swim in the bay.

Our experienced crew will provide you with a bright holiday and will provide personal attention to each quest!

Top 5 sea attractions in Tallinn

The seaplane harbor

The seaplane harbor is a branch of the interactive Estonian Maritime Museum and this is what you should see in Tallinn to begin with. This unique museum visualizes the history of Estonian maritime activities - from ancient times to today. Here you can admire valuable historical and architectural monuments, which thousands of tourists come to see from all over the world. The famous hangars of Lennusadam were built as defensive installations during the First World War. Among the most famous exhibits are the Lembit submarine and a copy of the British Short-184 aircraft.


The legendary Estonian “Suur Tõll” is a steam-powered icebreaker that originally was build in Germany year 1914 for the Russian Empire. Firstly the vessel was named “Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich”, but its name has been changed four times until present days. “Suur Tõll” is currently the largest pre-war preserved icebreaker in the world. Joining our yacht trips, you can see this beauty as we sail by the Lennusadam, where she is currently moored.

Port Noblessner

Port Noblessner is a kind of link between the city and the sea. The history of this place amount a little more than a century. On the eve of the First World War, the nephew of the famous Alfred Nobel and the torpedo engineer Gustav Lessner developed here the first submarines for the Russian Empire. For many decades the port was closed to the public. Today tourist life boils over here. The industrial area of Tallinn pleases with urban landscapes and developed infrastructure. Special attention deserves the elite residential area, which grows out of industrialism. Not far from the port is the legendary Sea Plane harbor and the Battery Prison.

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Tallinn Central Port

Holidays in Estonia will not do without visiting the central Port of Tallinn. The Great Sea Gate, behind which you can fully appreciate the marine life of the city, opens the list of "Tallinn attractions"- this is one of the largest port organizations of the Baltic Sea. Offering stunning views of the coast and the old town, you can admire the huge passenger ships from our sailing yacht.

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Tallinn Panorama

There are two questions when it comes to Tallinn: what to see and how to do it. Do not hesitate - a sailing yacht trip is the best way to explore the sea sights, have a good time and create the best memories together!

If you are not used to compromise and always demand only the best for your family, colleagues, and like-minded people, then you are at the right place. Our team of professionals will provide you with unforgettable impressions, and the distinctive Tallinn Panorama will appear from a completely different perspective and reveal to the most cherished secrets. Picturesque beaches and embankments, a magnificent view of the old town, Kadriorg Park, churches and monuments will complement the charming nature of the Baltic.

Port Pirita

Pirita Port is one of the most picturesque places in Tallinn. It harmoniously combines urban landscapes and sea elements. This is definitely a must-visit on a luxury sailing yacht in the circle of relatives and friends during the summer season. The fresh sea breeze, unusual elements of Soviet architecture, and the diverse landscapes will certainly amaze you!
The long pier goes deep into the sea, the coastal beach is covered with clean sand, and on the other side you find a beautiful pine forest. Here you also have the monument to the Summer Olympic Games of 1980 that greets you on the way in to the marina. Nearby is the famous Singing Field, the monastery of St. Brigid and the Kadriorg park ensemble.

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